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During the Fall 2024 semester, RTG / Group Actions and Dynamics seminar meets in room B325 Van Vleck on Mondays from 2:25pm - 3:15pm. To sign up for the mailing list send an email from your address to For more information, contact Paul Apisa, Marissa Loving, Caglar Uyanik, Chenxi Wu or Andy Zimmer.

Fall 2024

date speaker title host(s)
September 9 Caglar Uyanik (UW) Cannon-Thurston maps, random walks, and rigidity local
September 16 Dongryul Kim (Yale) TBA Uyanik
September 23 Harrison Bray (George Mason) TBA Zimmer
September 30 Eliot Bongiovanni (Rice) TBA Uyanik
October 7 Francis Bonahon (USC/Michigan State) TBA Loving
October 28 Matthew Durham (UC Riverside) TBA Loving

Fall Abstracts

Caglar Uyanik

Cannon and Thurston showed that a hyperbolic 3-manifold that fibers over the circle gives rise to a sphere-filling curve. The universal cover of the fiber surface is quasi-isometric to the hyperbolic plane, whose boundary is a circle, and the universal cover of the 3-manifold is 3-dimensional hyperbolic space, whose boundary is the 2-sphere. Cannon and Thurston showed that the inclusion map between the universal covers extends to a continuous map between their boundaries, whose image is dense. In particular, any measure on the circle pushes forward to a measure on the 2-sphere using this map. We compare several natural measures coming from this construction.

Dongryul Kim

Harrison Bray

Eliot Bongiovanni

Francis Bonahon

Matthew Durham

Spring 2025

date speaker title host(s)
April 21 Mladen Bestvina (Utah) TBA Uyanik
April 28 Inanc Baykur (UMass) TBA Uyanik

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