How to open a terminal window (windows)

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Windows does not come with a native terminal program. CMD, while similar, is not the same.

The University offers a program for download for free called Secure CRT. It is available at [1] .

Click "Login to the Campus Software Library", then choose UW-Madison from the drop down menu.

Login with your netid. (How to get a netid, if you don't already have one. [2])

Scroll down to the Van Dyke area, and click the appropriate Secure CRT for your computer type.

click to download and then install.

When it is installed, you'll need to create a profile to connect to bing.

Open Secure CRT. In the "Session Manager" (left side, near the top) are a series of icons. One of those (third from the left), is the New Session Wizard. Open that. A window will appear.

Connect with protocol SSH2.

Click next.

In Hostname type:

In Username, type your math account name.

Under Port, leave as 22.

Under Firewall, leave as none.

Click Next.

Click Finish.

A session will appear under the left side entry for Sessions. To connect, double click it and enter your password.

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