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Research at UW-Madison in algebra

UW-Madison offers a large, active, and varied research group in algebra, including researchers in number theory, combinatorics, group theory, algebraic geometry, representation theory, and algebra with applications to science and engineering.

Tenured and tenure-track faculty in algebra

Dima Arinkin: (Harvard, 2002) Algebraic geometry, geometric representation theory, especially geometric Langlands conjecture.

Eric Bach: (Berkeley, 1984) Theoretical computer science, computational number theory, algebraic algorithms, complexity theory, cryptography, six-string automata. (Joint appointment with CS.)

Nigel Boston: (Harvard, 1987) Algebraic number theory, group theory, arithmetic geometry, computational algebra, coding theory, cryptography, and other applications of algebra to electrical engineering. (Joint appointments with ECE and CS.)

Andrei Caldararu: (Cornell, 2000) Algebraic geometry, homological algebra, string theory.

Tullia Dymarz: (Chicago, 2007) Geometric group theory, quasi-isometric rigidity, large scale geometry of finitely generated groups, solvable groups and quasiconformal analysis.

Jordan Ellenberg: (Harvard, 1998) Arithmetic geometry and algebraic number theory, especially rational points on varieties over global fields.

Daniel Erman: (Berkeley, 2010) Algebraic geometry and commutative algebra

Shamgar Gurevich: (Tel Aviv, 2005) Geometric representation theory, with applications to harmonic analysis, signal processing, mathematical physics, and three-dimensional structuring of molecules.

Paul Terwilliger: (Illinois, 1982) Combinatorics, representation theory and special functions.

Melanie Matchett Wood: (Princeton, 2009) Number theory and arithmetic geometry.

Tonghai Yang: (Maryland, 1995) number theory, representation theory, and arithmetic geometry: especially L-functions, Eisenstein series, theta series, Shimura varieties, intersection theory, and elliptic curves.

Postdoctoral fellows in algebra

Robert Harron: (Princeton, 2009): Algebraic number theory, Iwasawa theory, p-adic Galois representations and automorphic forms.

Parker Lowrey: (University of Texas-Austin, 2010) Algebraic geometry and algebraic topology

Sean Rostami: (University of Maryland, 2012): representation theory of algebraic groups, local models of Shimura varieties

Owen Sizemore: (UCLA, 2012) Operator Algebras, Orbit Equivalence Ergodic Theory, Measure Equivalence Rigidity of Groups

Seminars in algebra

The weekly schedule at UW features many seminars in the algebraic research areas of the faculty.

Algebraic Geometry Seminar (Fridays at 2:30)

Applied Algebra Seminar (Thursdays 11)

Combinatorics Seminar (Mondays at 2:25)

Lie Theory Seminar (Mondays at 1:20 in VV901)