Algebraic Geometry Seminar Spring 2011

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Fall 2010

date speaker title host(s)
sept 24 Xinyi Yuan (Harvard) Calabi-Yau theorem and algebraic dynamics Tonghai
oct 1 Dawei Chen (UIC) Geometry of Teichmuller curves Andrei
oct 8 Tom Church (U Chicago) Representation stability, homological stability, and configurations over finite fields Jordan
oct 15 Conan Leung (CUHK) The quantum cohomology of G/P Andrei
oct 22 Zhiwei Yun (Berkeley) Springer representation and Hitchin fibration Shamgar
oct 23-24 (Sat/Sun) Midwest Graduate Algebraic Geometry Conference Conference Website UW Math
oct 29 Christian Schnell (UIC) Derived equivalence and the Picard variety Laurentiu
nov 5 Daniel Erman (Stanford) Sextic covers and Gale duality Jordan
nov 12 Luca Scala (Chicago) Symmetric powers of tautological bundles on Hilbert schemes of points on a surface Andrei
nov 19 Alina Marian (UIC) The moduli space of stable quotients Andrei
dec 3 Matt Satriano (UMich) TBA David Brown
dec 10 Izzet Coskun (UIC) TBA Andrei