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!align="left" | title
!align="left" | title
!align="left" | host(s)  
!align="left" | host(s)  
|January 31
|[ Marci Hablicsek] (local)
|Twisted derived intersections and twisted de Rham complexes
|March 28
|March 28

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The seminar meets on Fridays at 2:25 pm in Van Vleck B231.

The schedule for the previous semester is here.

Algebraic Geometry Mailing List

  • Please join the Algebraic Geometry Mailing list to hear about upcoming seminars, lunches, and other algebraic geometry events in the department (it is possible you must be on a math department computer to use this link).

Spring 2014 Schedule

date speaker title host(s)
January 31 Marci Hablicsek (local) Twisted derived intersections and twisted de Rham complexes
March 28 Kevin Tucker (University of Illinois at Chicago) TBA Daniel
April 11 Rares Rasdeaconu (Vanderbilt) TBA Laurentiu
April 25 Charles Doran (University of Alberta) TBA Song


Mihnea Popa