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The members of the Analysis group work on a wide spectrum of topics. Research interests include:

  Complex Analysis, Harmonic Analysis, Partial Differential Equations, Mathematical Physics,
  Approximation Theory, Analysis on Lie groups, Wavelets, Analytic Number Theory, and Special Functions. 


 Serguei Denissov
Moscow State University, 1999
Associate Professor
denissov at

Xianghong Gong Professor gong at

Alexandru Ionescu Professor ionescu at

Alexander Kiselev Professor kiselev at

Alexander Nagel Professor nagel at

Fëdor Nazarov Professor nazarov at

Amos Ron Professor amos at

Andreas Seeger Professor seeger at

Stephen Wainger Professor wainger at

Andrej Zlatoš Assistant Professor


Florian Bertrand Van Vleck Assistant Professor bertrand at

Alexander Fish Van Vleck Assistant Professor afish at

Patrick LaVictoire Van Vleck Assistant Professor patlavic at