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| Oct 7
| Oct 7
|[ Jinlong Wu] (UW)
|[ Jinlong Wu] (UW)
|[ Data-Driven Closure Modeling Using Derivative-free Kalman Methods]
|''[[Applied/ACMS/absF22#Jinlong Wu (UW)|Data-Driven Closure Modeling Using Derivative-free Kalman Methods]]''

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Applied and Computational Mathematics Seminar

Fall 2022

date speaker title host(s)
Sept 16 James Hanna (UN-Reno) A snapping singularity Spagnolie
Sept 23 Thomas Chandler (UW) Fluid–body interactions in liquid crystals: A complex variable approach Spagnolie
Sept 30 Jennifer Franck (UW) Predictive modeling of oscillating foil wake dynamics Spagnolie
Oct 7 Jinlong Wu (UW) Data-Driven Closure Modeling Using Derivative-free Kalman Methods Chen
Oct 14 Jeffrey Weiss (CU Boulder) Vortex-gas models for 3d atmosphere and ocean turbulence Smith
Oct 21 Kui Ren (Columbia) TBA Stechmann
Oct 28 Daniel Lecoanet (Northwestern) TBA Waleffe
Nov 4
Nov 11 Michael Gastner (Yale-NUS) Rycroft
Nov 18 Casian Pantea (WVU) TBA Craciun
Nov 25 Thanksgiving break
Dec 2 Ian Tobasco (UIC) TBA Jean-Luc
Dec 9 Matthew Colbrook (Cambridge) TBA Li

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