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| Apr 22
| Apr 22
|[ Peter Hinow] (UWM)
|''[[Applied/ACMS/absS22#Peter Hinow (UWM)|TBA]]''
| Apr 29
| Apr 29

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Applied and Computational Mathematics Seminar

Spring 2022

date speaker title host(s)
Feb 11 Jacob Notbohm (UW) Collective Cell Migration: Rigidity Transition and the Eyes of the Cell Spagnolie
Feb 18 Alex Townsend (Cornell) What networks of oscillators spontaneously synchronize? Li
Feb 25 Geoffrey Vasil (Sydney) The mechanics of a large pendulum chain Spagnolie
Mar 4 Xiangxiong Zhang (Purdue) Recent Progress on Q^k Spectral Element Method: Accuracy, Monotonicity and Applications Stechmann
Mar 11 Pengchuan Zhang (Senior researcher, Microsoft) Multiscale Invertible Generative Networks for High-Dimensional Bayesian Inference Li
Mar 18 Spring break
Mar 25 Mark Taylor (Sandia) TBA Smith, Stechmann
Apr 1 Stephan Wojtowytsch (TAMU) TBA Li
Apr 8 Ruhui Jin (UT-Austin) TBA Li
Apr 15 Eftychios Sifakis (UW) TBA Spagnolie
Apr 22 Peter Hinow (UWM) TBA Spagnolie
Apr 29 Thomas Powers (Brown) TBA Spagnolie

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