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| Jin
| Jin
| Oct. 28
|Oct. 28
| Benjamin Peherstorfer (Madison)
|[ Benjamin Peherstorfer] (Madison)
|''[[Applied/ACMS/absF16#Benjamin Peherstorfer (Madison)|Optimal sampling in multifidelity Monte Carlo estimation for efficient uncertainty propagation]]''
| Nov. 4
| Nov. 4

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Applied and Computational Mathematics Seminar

Fall 2016

date speaker title host(s)
Sept. 2 Nicolas Seguin (Universite Nantes) Non-hydrostatic extension of classical shallow-water models Jin
Wed. Sept. 7 Rich Kerswell (Bristol University) Using optimization to reveal scaling laws in turbulent flows Waleffe
Sept. 23 Yalchin Efendiev (TAMU) A generalized multiscale model reduction technique for heterogeneous problems Li
Sept. 30 Michael Ferris (Madison) Fish, cows, fields of fuel and optimization Spagnolie
Oct. 7 Nick Moore (FSU) How bodies erode and dissolve in fluid flows Spagnolie
Oct. 14 Gwynn Elfring (UBC) An active particle in a complex fluid Spagnolie
Oct. 21 Jacob Bedrossian (Maryland) Nonlinear echoes and Landau damping with insufficient regularity Li
Wed. Oct. 26 Clemens Heitzinger (Vienna Technical University) Stochastic partial differential equations with applications in nanotechnology Jin
Oct. 28 Benjamin Peherstorfer (Madison) Optimal sampling in multifidelity Monte Carlo estimation for efficient uncertainty propagation
Nov. 4 Ophelia Venturelli (Madison) TBA Jean-Luc
Nov. 11 Yu Gu (Stanford) TBA Li
Nov. 18 Enkeleida Lushi (Courant) TBA Spagnolie
Nov. 25 Thanksgiving recess
Dec. 2 Jun Zhang (Courant) TBA Spagnolie

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