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| Nov 27
| Nov 27
|''Thangksgiving recess''

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Applied and Computational Mathematics Seminar

Fall 2020

date speaker title host(s)
Sep 11 Nick Ouellette (Stanford) Tensor Geometry in the Turbulent Cascade Jean-Luc
Sep 18 Harry Lee (UW-Madison and UMich) Recent extension of V.I. Arnold's and J.L. Synge's mathematical theory of shear flows Wally
Sep 25 Spencer Smith (Mount Holyoke) Braids on a lattice and maximally efficient mixing in active matter systems Jean-Luc
Oct 2 Zhizhen Jane Zhao (UIUC) Exploiting Group and Geometric Structures for Massive Data Analysis Li & Chen
Oct 9 Matthias Morzfeld (Scripps & UCSD) What is Bayesian inference, why is it useful in Earth science and why is it challenging to do numerically? Chen
Oct 16 Jingwei Hu (Purdue) A new stability and convergence proof of the Fourier-Galerkin spectral method for the spatially homogeneous Boltzmann equation Li
Oct 23 Dan Vimont (UW-Madison, AOS) Advances in Linear Inverse Modeling for Understanding Tropical Pacific Climate Variability Stechmann
Oct 30 Sam Punshon-Smith (Brown) TBD Li
Nov 6 Yimin Zhong (UCI, Duke) TBD Li
Nov 13 Markus Deserno (CMU) Spontaneous curvature, differential stress, and bending modulus of asymmetric lipid membranes Spagnolie
Nov 20 Evelyn Lunasin (USNA) TBD Jean-Luc & Chen
Nov 27 Thangksgiving recess
Dec 4 Michael Chertkov (U. Arizona) TBD Zepeda-Nunez

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