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!align="left" | title
!align="left" | title
!align="left" | host(s)
!align="left" | host(s)
|Sept 14
|[ David Saintillan] (U. Illinois)
|'''Thu Sept 20, 4pm, B239'''
|'''Thu Sept 20, 4pm, B239'''

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Applied and Computational Mathematics Seminar

Fall 2012 Semester

date speaker title host(s)
Sept 14 David Saintillan (U. Illinois) TBA Jean-Luc
Thu Sept 20, 4pm, B239 Persi Diaconis (Stanford) Spatial mixing: problems and progress Jean-Luc
Sept 28 Shane Keating (NYU) Models and measures of turbulent mixing in the ocean Jean-Luc
Oct 5 Ellen Zweibel (UW) TBA Jean-Luc
Oct 19 Gautam Iyer (CMU) TBA Sasha Kiselev
Tues Oct 30, 4pm, B239 Andrew Majda (Courant) TBA Smith, Stechmann (Colloquium)
Thu Nov 1, 4pm, B239 Peter Constantin (Princeton) TBA Distinguished Lecture (Colloquium)
Nov 2, 4pm, B239 Peter Constantin (Princeton) TBA Distinguished Lecture (Colloquium)
Nov 9 Doug Weibel (UW) TBA Jean-Luc
Nov 16 Yongcheng Zhou (Colorado State) Multiscale modeling and numerics for surface electrodiffusion Julie

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