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!align="left" | title
!align="left" | title
!align="left" | host(s)
!align="left" | host(s)
|Jan 17
|[ Adrianna Gillman] (Dartmouth)
|''[[Applied/ACMS/absS14#Adrianna Gillman_(Dartmouth)|Fast direct solvers for linear partial differential equations]]''
|Jan 31
|Jan 31

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Applied and Computational Mathematics Seminar

Fall 2013 Semester

date speaker title host(s)
Aug 27, 3pm Rob Sturman (Leeds) Lecture 1: The ergodic hierarchy & uniform hyperbolicity Jean-Luc
Aug 29, 3pm Rob Sturman (Leeds) Lecture 2: Non-uniform hyperbolicity & Pesin theory Jean-Luc
Aug 30 Rob Sturman (Leeds) Seminar: Rates of mixing in models of fluid flow Jean-Luc
Sept 13 Reed Ogrosky (UW) Long-wave modeling of a viscous liquid film inside a vertical tube Saverio
Sept 18, 2:25pm, 901 Amit Einav (Cambridge) The entropy method in the Kac model and its relation to the Boltzmann equation Shi Jin
Sept 20 Shamgar Gurevich (UW) The incidence and cross methods for efficient radar detection Jean-Luc, Saverio
Sept 27 Michael Cardiff (UW) The hydrogeologic inverse problem: characterizing aquifer heterogeneity with multi-frequency stimulations Saverio
Oct 4 Ronen Avni (Technion) Mathematical model for cell motility driven by active gel Saverio
Oct 18 Shilpa Khatri (UNC) Settling and rising in stratified fluids: fluid-structure interactions and multiphase flow Stechmann, Saverio
Wed, Oct 23 Junping Wang (National Science Foundation) Weak Galerkin Finite Element Methods for PDEs Shi Jin
Oct 25 Douglas Zhou (Shanghai Jiao Tong) Causal and structural connectivity of neuronal networks Shi Jin
Nov 1 Igor Aronson (Argonne) Living liquid crystals Saverio
Nov 8 Bo Li (UCSD) Variational implicit solvation of biomolecules Shi Jin
Wed, Nov 13 Jingwei Hu (Texas) An asymptotic-preserving scheme for the semiconductor Boltzmann equation toward the energy-transport limit Shi Jin
Nov 15 Marko Budisic (UW) Visualizing invariant structures of dynamical systems using the ergodic quotient Jean-Luc
Nov 22 Yoichiro Mori (Minnesota) Modeling electrodiffusion and osmosis in physiological systems Saverio
Thurs, Dec 5 Cheng Koay (UW) [joint with applied algebra] Symmetry and uniformity considerations in Magnetic Resonance Imaging acquisitions Julie
Wed, Dec 11 Ivan Cristov (Los Alamos) TBA Jean-Luc

Spring 2014 Semester

date speaker title host(s)
Jan 17 Adrianna Gillman (Dartmouth) Fast direct solvers for linear partial differential equations Jean-Luc
Jan 31 TBA TBA
Feb 7 Harvey Segur (Colorado) The nonlinear Schrödinger equation, dissipation and ocean swell Saverio
Feb 14 Elena D'Onghia (UW) TBA Saverio
Feb 21, 4pm, B239 Michael Shelley (Courant) TBA Colloquium
Feb 28 TBA TBA
Mar 14 Stefan Wild (Argonne) TBA Saverio
Mar 26, 7pm Tadashi Tokieda (Cambridge) TBA Jean-Luc, Saverio
Mar 28 Mike Steel (University of Canterbury) TBA Sebastien
Apr 4 Laura McLay (UW) TBA Julie
Apr 11 Shengqian "Chessy" Chen (UW) TBA Saverio
Apr 18 Marie-Pascale Lelong (NorthWest Research Associates) TBA Leslie
Apr 25 Jon Wilkening (UC Berkeley) TBA Saverio
May 2 Christel Hohenegger (Utah) TBA Saverio
May 9 Jim Meiss (Colorado) TBA Saverio

Archived semesters

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