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  • When: Fridays at 2:25pm
  • Where: 901 Van Vleck Hall

Spring 2011 Semester

Date Speaker Title (click to see abstract) Host
April 27 (Wednesday) Michael Holst,
UC San Diego
Some far-from-CMC existence results for the Einstein constraint equations Shi Jin
April 29 (Friday) Smadar Karni,
University of Michigan
Numerical approximation of shock waves in non-conservative hyperbolic systems James Rossmanith
Special Time, Day, and Location
May 2 (Monday, 2:15pm, WID 2329)
Evangelos Coutsias,
University of New Mexico
Protein loop modeling with inverse kinematics Julie Mitchell
May 4 (Wednesday) Tim Barth,
Energy stable space-time finite element approximation of the 2-fluid Euler-Maxwell plasma equations James Rossmanith

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