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Fall 2010 Semester

Date Speaker Title (click to see abstract) Host
UW-Math Faculty Lecture
Sept. 17 (Friday)
Gheorghe Craciun,
Mathematical results arising from systems biology Local
Sept. 24 (Friday) Jean-Marc Vanden-Broeck,
University College London
The effects of electrical fields on nonlinear free surface flows Paul Milewski
Oct. 6 (Wednesday) Thierry Goudon,
INRIA-Lille, France
Fluid-particle flows Shi Jin
Oct. 6 (Wednesday at 4pm)
B239 Van Vleck
Robert Krasny,
University of Michigan
Computing vortex sheet motion Shi Jin
Oct. 8 (Friday) Sang Dong Kim,
Kyungpook National University, Korea
A non-standard explicit method for solving stiff initial value problems Seymour Parter
PDE & Geometric Analysis
Oct. 11 (Monday at 3:30pm)
B115 Van Vleck
Philippe G. LeFloch,
Université Pierre et Marie Curie (Paris 6)
Kinetic relations for undercompressive shock waves and propagating phase boundaries Misha Feldman
UW-Math Faculty Lecture
Nov. 5 (Friday)
Jean-Luc Thiffeault,
Velocity fluctuations in suspensions of swimming microorganisms local
Nov. 12 (Friday) Nick Tanushev,
University of Texas
Gaussian beam methods Shi Jin
*** Special time ***
Nov. 17 (Wednesday)
Time: 3:30pm, 901 VV
Bin Dong,
University of California San Diego
Mathematics in medical imaging and image analysis Shi Jin
*** Special time ***
Dec. 8 (Wednesday)
Time: 2:25pm, 901 VV
Hoai Minh Nguyen,
NYU-Courant Institute
Cloaking via change of variables for the Helmholtz equation Misha Feldman