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Spring 2011 Semester

Date Speaker Title (click to see abstract) Host
Special Time
Jan. 27 (Thursday 4:30pm, 901 Van Vleck)
Cynthia Vinzant,
UC Berkeley
The central curve in linear programming Gheorghe Craciun
Mathematics Colloqium
Jan. 28 (Friday at 4pm, B239 Van Vleck)
Marcus Roper,
UC Berkeley
Modeling microbial cooperation Paul Milewski
Feb. 4 (Friday) József Farkas,
University of Stirling, Scotland
Analysis of a size-structured cannibalism model with infinite dimensional environmental feedback James Rossmanith
*** Special Room ***
Feb. 11 (Friday)
B239 Van Vleck
Tatiana Márquez-Lago ,
Stochastic models in systems and synthetic biology Paul Milewski
Feb. 18 (Friday) Ari Stern ,
UC San Diego
Geometric variational crimes: Hilbert complexes, finite element exterior calculus, and problems on hypersurfaces Paul Milewski
Feb. 25 (Friday) Jian-Guo Liu,
Duke University
Dynamics of orientational alignment and phase transition Shi Jin
Mathematics Colloqium
March 4 (Friday at 4pm, B239 Van Vleck)
Jeff Weiss,
University of Colorado, Boulder
Nonequilibrium statistical mechanics and climate variability Jean-Luc Thiffeault
March 25 (Friday) Tim Reluga,
Penn State University
Accounting for individual and community interests in the public-health management of infectious diseases James Rossmanith
March 30 (Wednesday) Yuri Lvov,
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Internal waves in the ocean - observations, theory and DNS Leslie Smith
UW Faculty Lecture
April 1 (Friday)
Alex Kiselev,
UW-Madison (Mathematics)
Biomixing by chemotaxis and enhancement of biological reactions Local
April 6 (Wednesday) Gerardo Hernández-Dueñas,
University of Michigan
Shallow water flows in channels James Rossmanith
April 8 (Friday) Anne Gelb,
Arizona State University
Reconstruction of piecewise smooth functions from non-uniform Fourier data Shi Jin
Mathematics Colloqium
April 15 (Friday at 4pm, B239 Van Vleck)
Max Gunzburger,
Florida State University
A nonlocal vector calculus and finite element methods for nonlocal diffusion and mechanics James Rossmanith
April 27 (Wednesday) Michael Holst,
UC San Diego
Some far-from-CMC existence results for the Einstein constraint equations Shi Jin
April 29 (Friday) Smadar Karni,
University of Michigan
Numerical approximation of shock waves in non-conservative hyperbolic systems James Rossmanith
Special Time, Day, and Location
May 2 (Monday, 2:15pm, WID 2329)
Evangelos Coutsias,
University of New Mexico
Protein loop modeling with inverse kinematics Julie Mitchell
May 4 (Wednesday) Tim Barth,
Energy stable space-time finite element approximation of the 2-fluid Euler-Maxwell plasma equations James Rossmanith

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