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Graduate Applied Math Seminar

The Graduate Applied Math Seminar is one of the main tools for bringing together applied grad students in the department and building the community. You are encouraged to get involved! It is weekly seminar run by grad students for grad students. If you have any questions, please contact Bryan Crompton (crompton at, of course,

The seminar schedule can be found here. We meet in Van Vleck 901 from 9am to 9:45am on Fridays.

Spring 2013

date speaker title
February 1 Bryan Crompton "The surprising math of cities and corporations"
February 8 Peter Mueller Mandelbrot's TED talk
February 15 Jim Brunner "Logical Models, Polynomial Dynamical Systems, and Iron Metabolism"
February 22 Leland Jefferis Video lecture on intro quantum mechanics + The postulates of quantum mechanics + Spin 1/2 systems
February 29 Leland Jefferis Topics in quantum mechanics: Spin 1/2 systems + Uncertainty relations + Quantum harmonic oscillators + ...
March 15 Will Mitchell FEniCS, my favorite finite element software package


Please add your abstracts here.

Friday, Feb 1: Bryan Cromtpon

"The surprising math of cities and corporations"

Abstract: We'll watch Geoffrey West's TED talk and discuss some of the math in his papers.

Friday, Feb 15: Jim Brunner

"Logical Models, Polynomial Dynamical Systems, and Iron Metabolism"

Abstract: I will introduce logical models and polynomial dynamical systems in the context of a model of iron metabolism in an epithelial cell.

Friday, Feb 22 & Feb 29: Leland Jefferis

"Topics in Quantum Mechanics"

Abstract: I will introduce the key ideas of quantum mechanics and expose the fascinating mathematical framework behind the theory.

Friday, Mar 15: Will Mitchell

"FEniCS, my favorite finite element software"

Abstract: The finite element method is elegant on a mathematical level but can be thorny to code from scratch. FEniCS provides a good compromise, giving the user freedom to focus on the high-level aspects. I'll review the finite element method and then give some examples of FEniCS code.

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