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| Nov. 9
| Nov. 9
|O'Naraigh & T, [ Bounds on the mixing enhancement for a stirred binary fluid]
|Birch et al., [ Bounding biomass in the Fisher equation]
| Nov. 16
| Nov. 16

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Physical Applied Math Group Meeting

Fall 2017

date speaker title
Sept. 7 Jinzi Mac Huang (Courant) Geometric shocks in candy
Sept. 14 Organization meeting; J-LT speaks Ward & Keller, Strong Localized Perturbations of Eigenvalue Problems
Sept. 21 no meeting (S & J-L traveling)
Sept. 28 Faculty Meeting
Oct. 5 Saverio Reciprocal theorem and complex fluids
Oct. 12 Chris Janosi et al., Chaotic particle dynamics in viscous flows: The three-particle Stokeslet problem
Oct. 19 Bryan Seis, Maximal mixing by incompressible fluid flows
Oct. 26 Faculty Meeting
Nov. 2 Jacob Holcman & Schuss, The narrow escape problem
Nov. 9 Yu Birch et al., Bounding biomass in the Fisher equation
Nov. 16 Faculty Meeting
Nov. 24 Thanksgiving recess
Nov. 31
Dec. 7 Faculty Meeting

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