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== Archived semesters ==
== Archived semesters ==
*[[Applied/Physical_Applied_Math/Summer2020|Summer 2020]]
*[[Applied/Physical_Applied_Math/Spring2020|Spring 2020]]
*[[Applied/Physical_Applied_Math/Spring2020|Spring 2020]]
*[[Applied/Physical_Applied_Math/Fall2019|Fall 2019]]
*[[Applied/Physical_Applied_Math/Fall2019|Fall 2019]]

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Physical Applied Math Group Meeting

Summer 2020

date speaker title
May 14 video party Ken Millett, Entanglement of Polymers
May 21 Saverio Flagellar locomotion
May 28 video party Gareth Alexander, Geometric Topology of Liquid Crystal Textures
June 4 Hongfei Rayleigh's solution of diffusion in a lattice
June 11 video party Isabelle Gallagher, From Newton to Boltzmann, fluctuations and large deviations
June 18 Jean-Luc Correlations in the active Brownian particle model
June 25 video party Mark Embree, Contour integral methods for nonlinear eigenvalue problems
July 2 no meeting watch WHOI-GFD lectures instead
July 9 Eduardo Vitral Mesoscale models for soft layered materials: the role of curvatures in topological defect motion, flows and instabilities
July 16 no meeting watch Jean-Luc's lecture in Phil Morrison's group on July 17
July 23 video party Nick Trefethen, Von Neumann Lecture at SIAM AN20
July 30 video party David Nelson, Active Antagonism: Reproducing Microorganisms and Fluid Flow

Archived semesters

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