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|Dec 10
|Dec 10
|Interaction of swimmer with boundary
|Hydrodynamic nteraction of swimmer with boundary

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Physical Applied Math Group Meeting

Fall 2020

date speaker title
Sept. 3 Organizational meeting
Sept. 10 no group meeting faculty meeting @ 3:30pm
Sept. 17 Saverio
Sept. 24 Wil Geometric flows and moving surfaces
Oct 1 Bryan Homogenization of the advection-diffusion equation in the presence of a source
Oct 8 faculty meeting
Oct 15 Chris Evolutionary stable strategies and the connection between game theory and the Ising model
Oct 22 Yu Narrow exit problem with sink flow
Oct 29 Hongfei Complex model of swimmer interactions
Nov 5 Jean-Luc Equilibria of Fokker-Planck equations
Nov 12 Hongyi Huang Bubbles!
Nov 19 Watch party for Gallery of Fluid Motion videos
Nov 26 Thanksgiving
Dec 3 faculty meeting
Dec 10 Saverio Hydrodynamic nteraction of swimmer with boundary

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