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Physical Applied Math Group Meeting

Spring 2017 Semester

date speaker title
Jan. 19, 2:30-3:30pm Louis Fan Stochastic and deterministic spatial models for complex systems
Jan. 26 Planning meeting
Feb. 2 Will Brosseau, Hickey, and Vlahovska, Electrohydrodynamic Quincke rotation of a prolate ellipsoid.
Feb. 9 Faculty meeting
Feb. 16 Art Prost, Julicher, and Joanny, Active gel physics
Feb. 23 Huanyu
Mar. 2 Tom
Mar. 9 Faculty meeting
Mar. 16 Anne
Mar. 23 Spring break
Mar. 30 John
Apr. 6 Faculty meeting
Apr. 13
Apr. 20
Apr. 27
May. 4 Faculty meeting

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