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Fall 2016 Semester

date speaker title
Sept. 29 Saverio Active suspensions
Oct. 6 Will Boltz and Kierfeld, Shapes of sedimenting soft elastic capsules in a viscous fluid
Oct. 13 Huanyu Levine and Peres, Spherical Asymptotics for the Rotor-Router Model in Z^d
Oct. 20 Faculty meeting
Oct. 27 Max Vinh and Shih, Optimum multiple-skip trajectories
Nov. 3 Tom Jeanneret et al., Entrainment dominates the interaction of microalgae with micron-sized objects
Nov. 10 Jean-Luc The log-model and Jeanneret et al.: more on Tom's talk from last week
Nov. 17 Faculty meeting
Nov. 24 Thanksgiving
Dec. 1 Art Kim et al., Controlled Uniform Coating from the Interplay of Marangoni Flows and Surface-Adsorbed Macromolecules
Dec. 8 Faculty meeting