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Spring 2019

date speaker title
Jan. 24 Faculty Meeting
Jan. 31 Jean-Luc Organizational meeting; J-LT speaks on Vortices in a channel
Feb. 7 Faculty Meeting
Feb. 14 Yu Suppression of phase separation by mixing
Feb. 21 Faculty Meeting
Feb. 28 Bryan Riffles shuffles and mixing
Mar. 7 Faculty Meeting
Mar. 14 Hongfei Diffusion across potential barriers
Mar. 21 Spring Break
Mar. 28 Faculty Meeting
Apr. 4 Ruojun Internal diffusion-limited aggregation and rotor-router walks with drift
Apr. 11 Jiajia Freed, Wiener Integrals and Models of Stiff Polymer Chains
Apr. 18 Wangping Entanglement of frictionless strings
Apr. 25 John pseudo-Anosov homeomorphisms with large entropy
May 2 Faculty Meeting
May 9 Saverio Internal capillary origami (see Seifert et al, Shape transformations of vesicles and Bico et al., Elastocapillarity (Review article))