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Spring 2020

date speaker title
Jan. 30 Jean-Luc Organizational meeting; Homogenization of a periodic lattice
Feb. 6 Gage Krasilov et al., Growing random sequences
Makover and McGowan, An elementary proof that random Fibonacci sequences grow exponentially
Feb. 13 Faculty Meeting
Feb. 20 Saverio Greengard and Jiang, A New Mixed Potential Representation for Unsteady, Incompressible Flow
Feb. 27 Faculty (EC) Meeting
Mar. 5 Wil Implicit surfaces and the closest point problem
Mar. 12 cancelled
Mar. 19 Saverio Primer on SIR models and the epidemic
Mar. 26 3:30pm Jean-Luc Shape Matters: Homogenization for a confined Brownian microswimmer (seminar at Princeton)
Apr. 2 Faculty Meeting
Apr. 9 Ruifu Texier, Fluctuations of the product of random matrices and generalised Lyapunov exponent notes
Apr. 16 Jean-Luc Fluctuating dumbbell swimmer
Apr. 23 Son Allaire, Homogenization and Two-Scale Convergence