Basic Linux Seminar

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January 16, 2017 from 10am to 12pm, B107 Van Vleck

Connecting to a linux machine via ssh.

  • hand out account credentials for non-math attendees
  • explain Linux vs. Unix, open source

Using SCP to move items from your machine to the server, using sFTP, Filezilla, SecureFX

  • Terminal on mac, linux
  • download and install SSH program (like SecureCRT) for Windows.


  • landing zone
  • where am I


  • changing directories
  • shortcuts for changing directories
    • ~, ., ..,
  • tab completion

Creating/removing directories

  • mkdir
  • rmdir

Creating files

  • touch
  • nano nameoffile
  • nano is a simple (and one of many) text editor, vi, emacs, joe, etc.
  1. Moving around your home directory; pwd
  2. Moving items in your home directory (2 methods); relative; absolute
  3. Listing items in your home directory; Listing with command line options.
  4. Removing directories and files (use caution!)
  5. Permissions; recursive, letter method, number method
  6. Touch command.
  7. Man command
  8. Printing items in your home directory to a printer via command line
  9.  using lpq to see items in the print queue
  10. using lprm to remove items in the print queue.
  11. editing a file using nano
  12. more about file editors.
  13. make your own script
  14. quota command; du -s subdir
  15. locate command