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Fall 2018

date speaker title host(s)
Sep 12 Room 911 Gunther Uhlmann (Univ. of Washington) Distinguished Lecture series Harry Potter's Cloak via Transformation Optics Li
Sep 14 Room 911 Gunther Uhlmann (Univ. of Washington) Distinguished Lecture series Journey to the Center of the Earth Li
Sep 21 Room 911 Andrew Stuart (Caltech) LAA lecture The Legacy of Rudolph Kalman Jin
Sep 28 Gautam Iyer (CMU) Stirring and Mixing Thiffeault
Oct 5 Eyal Subag (Penn State) Symmetries of the hydrogen atom and algebraic families Gurevich
Oct 12 Andrei Caldararu (Madison) Mirror symmetry and derived categories ...
Oct 19 Jeremy Teitelbaum (U Connecticut) Lessons Learned and New Perspectives: From Dean and Provost to aspiring Data Scientist Boston
Oct 26 Douglas Ulmer (Arizona) Rational numbers, rational functions, and rational points Yang
Nov 2 Room 911 Ruixiang Zhang (Madison) The Fourier extension operator
Nov 7 Wednesday Luca Spolaor (MIT) (Log)-Epiperimetric Inequality and the Regularity of Variational Problems Feldman
Nov 12 Monday Anne Shiu (Texas A&M) Dynamics of biochemical reaction systems Craciun, Stechmann
Nov 19 Monday Alexander Yom Din (Caltech) From analysis to algebra to geometry - an example in representation theory of real groups Boston, Gurevitch
Nov 20 Tuesday, Room 911 Denis Hirschfeldt (University of Chicago) Computability and Ramsey Theory Andrews
Nov 26 Monday, Room 911 Vadim Gorin (MIT) Macroscopic fluctuations through Schur generating functions Anderson
Nov 28 Wednesday Gao Chen(IAS) A Torelli type theorem Paul
Nov 30 David Fisher(Indiana U.) New Techniques for Zimmer's Conjecture Kent
Dec 3 Monday Bena Tshishiku(Harvard) Surface bundles, monodromy, and arithmetic groups Paul
Dec 5 Wednesday, Room 911 Subhabrata Sen(MIT and Microsoft Research New England) Random graphs, Optimization, and Spin glasses Anderson
Dec 7 Room 911 Leonardo Zepeda-Nunez(Berkeley) Accelerating ab-initio molecular dynamics via multi-scale neural networks Stechmann
Dec 10 Monday Max Engelstein(MIT) The role of Energy in Regularity Feldman