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Fall 2019

date speaker title host(s)
Sept 6 Room 911 Will Sawin (Columbia) On Chowla's Conjecture over F_q[T] Marshall
Sept 13 Yan Soibelman (Kansas State) Riemann-Hilbert correspondence and Fukaya categories Caldararu
Sept 16 Monday Room 911 Alicia Dickenstein (Buenos Aires) Algebra and geometry in the study of enzymatic cascades Craciun
Sept 20 Jianfeng Lu (Duke) How to "localize" the computation? Qin
Sept 26 Thursday 3-4 pm Room 911 Eugenia Cheng (School of the Art Institute of Chicago) Character vs gender in mathematics and beyond Marshall / Friends of UW Madison Libraries
Sept 27
Oct 4
Oct 11 Omer Mermelstein (Madison) Generic flat pregeometries Andrews
Oct 18 Shamgar Gurevich (Madison) Harmonic Analysis on GL(n) over Finite Fields Marshall
Oct 25
Nov 1 Elchanan Mossel (MIT) Distinguished Lecture Roch
Nov 8 Jose Rodriguez (UW-Madison) Nearest Point Problems and Euclidean Distance Degrees Erman
Nov 13 Wednesday 4-5pm Ananth Shankar (MIT) Exceptional splitting of abelian surfaces
Nov 20 Wednesday 4-5pm Franca Hoffman (Caltech) Gradient Flows: From PDE to Data Analysis Smith
Nov 22 Jeffrey Danciger (UT Austin) "Affine geometry and the Auslander Conjecture" Kent
Nov 25 Monday 4-5 pm Room 911 Tatyana Shcherbina (Princeton) "Random matrix theory and supersymmetry techniques" Roch
Nov 29 Thanksgiving
Dec 2 Monday 4-5pm Tingran Gao (University of Chicago) "Manifold Learning on Fibre Bundles" Smith
Dec 4 Wednesday 4-5 pm Room 911 Andrew Zimmer (LSU) "Intrinsic and extrinsic geometries in several complex variables" Gong
Dec 6 Charlotte Chan (MIT) "Flag varieties and representations of p-adic groups" Erman
Dec 9 Monday 4-5 pm Hui Yu (Columbia) Singular sets in obstacle problems Tran
Dec 11 Wednesday 2:30-3:30pm Room 911 Alex Waldron (Michigan) Gauge theory and geometric flows Paul
Dec 11 Wednesday 4-5pm Nick Higham (Manchester) LAA lecture: Challenges in Multivalued Matrix Functions Brualdi
Dec 13 Chenxi Wu (Rutgers) Kazhdan's theorem on metric graphs Ellenberg
Dec 18 Wednesday 4-5pm Ruobing Zhang (Stony Brook) Geometry and analysis of degenerating Calabi-Yau manifolds Paul