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Spring 2017

date speaker title host(s)
Monday, January 9, 9th floor Miklos Racz (Microsoft) Statistical inference in networks and genomics Valko
January 13, B239 Mihaela Ifrim (Berkeley) Two dimensional water waves Angenent
Tuesday, January 17, B139 Fabio Pusateri (Princeton) The Water Waves problem Angenent
January 20, B239 Sam Raskin (MIT) Tempered local geometric Langlands Arinkin
Monday, January 23, B239 Tamas Darvas (Maryland) Geometry on the space of Kahler metrics and applications to canonical metrics Viaclovsky
January 27 Reserved for possible job talks
February 3, 9th floor Melanie Matchett Wood (UW-, Madison) Random groups from generators and relations
Monday, February 6, B239 (Wasow lecture) Benoit Perthame (University of Paris VI) Models for neural networks; analysis, simulations and behaviour Jin
February 10 (WIMAW lecture), B239 Alina Chertock (NC State Univ.) Numerical Method for Chemotaxis and Related Models WIMAW
February 17, 9th floor Gustavo Ponce (UCSB) The Korteweg-de Vries equation vs. the Benjamin-Ono equation Minh-Binh Tran
Monday, February 20, 9th floor Amy Cochran (Michigan) Mathematical Classification of Bipolar Disorder Smith
February 24
March 3, B239 Ken Bromberg (University of Utah) Renormalized volume for hyperbolic 3-manifolds Dymarz
Tuesday, March 7, 4PM, 9th floor (Distinguished Lecture) Roger Temam (Indiana University) On the mathematical modeling of the humid atmosphere Smith
Wednesday, March 8, 4PM, B239 Roger Temam (Indiana University) Weak solutions of the Shigesada-Kawasaki-Teramoto system. Smith
March 10 No Colloquium
Wednesday, March 15, 4PM, 9th floor Enrique Zuazua (Universidad Autónoma de Madrid) Control and numerics: Recent progress and challenges Jin & Minh-Binh Tran
March 17, B239 Lillian Pierce (Duke University) p-torsion in class groups of number fields of arbitrary degree M. Matchett Wood
March 24 Spring Break
Wednesday, March 29 at 3:30PM (Wasow) Sylvia Serfaty (NYU) Microscopic description of Coulomb-type systems Tran
March 31 No Colloquium
April 7 Hal Schenck Hyperplane Arrangements: Algebra, Combinatorics, Topology Erman
April 14, B239 Wilfrid Gangbo (UCLA) On intrinsic differentiability in the Wasserstein space [math]\displaystyle{ P_2(R^d) }[/math] Feldman & Tran
April 17, B239 Ravi Vakil (Stanford) The Mathematics of Doodling (Public Lecture) Erman
April 18, 9th floor Ravi Vakil (Stanford) Cutting and Pasting in Algebraic Geometry Erman
April 21
April 28 Thomas Yizhao Hou The interplay between theory and computation in the study of 3D Euler equations Li