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Computer Help

This is a guide to the computer facilites, services and software available at the Math department of the University of Wisconsin. Most of the facilities are for department's the faculty, graduate students and staff. Those who do not have Math department accounts may use the two kiosk PCs located at the north B1 entrance (facing Ingraham hall) or the PCs located in the Kleene Math Library on the B2 level of Van Vleck hall. Our older guide is here.

Accounts and Policies


Account Set Up

Set up your e-mail client with the following parameters:

  • Account Type: IMAP
  • Incoming and Outgoing Mail Server:
  • IMAP Prefix: (leave blank)
  • Incoming Server Port: 993
  • Outgoing Server Port: 465
  • Check Use SSL

Vacation Mail


Here is how to set up vacation notification for your math e-mail account First, login to, then type cd /auto/mail/YOURNAME where YOURNAME is your username. Then add the following line to the end of your .procmailrc file:

       :0 c
       | /usr/bin/vacation YOURNAME

where YOURNAME is your username. Edit/create the file


and put in there the message you want sent out while you are on vacation.

When you return from your vacation, just delete or comment out these lines in your .procmailrc file:

       :0 c
       | /usr/bin/vacation YOURNAME

This will allow our spam filters to process your incoming mail before it gets to your mailbox and send your vacation message to only legitimate addresses.

Forwarding your e-mail

  1. To forward filtered mail to a new address, put lines like this in

your /auto/mail/yourusername/.procmailrc file



(of course you should replace the last line with your forwarding address).

  1. to forward mail to another account while keeping a copy on our server,
  2. put a line like this in your /auto/mail/yourusername/.forward file




Remote Access