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For more detailed information on computing in the Math Department, see Math Computing

The following facilities are solely for the use of Math Department faculty and graduate students.

  • Computers: Graduate students have a Linux machine in each of their offices. Each faculty member has his/her own computer.
  • Public Computers: There are two public workstation rooms: 101B and 322. Most of the computers in these rooms use the Linux operating system. In addition, there are Windows machines and scanners in rooms 101 and 322. Most of the computers have combo optical drives. This means that they can read and write to CDs and read from DVDs. Each of the workstation rooms also has a Macintosh running Mac OS X.

For those instructors wishing to incorporate computers into their lesson plans, the computer classroom, (room B107, featuring 21 Windows machines), is open for reservations. Check with Sharon Paulson in 220 Van Vleck to reserve B107. You can check out the key for B107 from the Math Library.

  • Printers: At the end of the halls on floors 3 through 8 and in rooms 101A and B127, there are (double-sided printing) grayscale printers for your use. You can print a total of 250 pages per month on these free of charge. After that, you will be charged 5¢ per page rounded down to the nearest whole dollar amount. Copies from this printer cost 20¢ each with no free copies.

Printing from your laptop

  • Other Computer Equipment: The Math Department has some laptop computers, several portable computer projectors, and a mobile presentation cart which you can check out from the Math Library with your faculty/staff/student ID card.

Ceiling mounted projectors are available in rooms 901, B223, B231, B239, B130, B107 and B102. Talk to the computer staff in 515 if you need help using the projectors in 901 and B107. Talk to Derek Dombrowski (265-9697) if you need to use the electronic equipment in the other rooms.

Wireless computing service is available throughout Van Vleck. You will need to open a web browser and type in your NetID and password to use it. Visiting fellows can either use a guest netid (if here for less than 30 days) or use Eduroam instead.

To find out more about anything listed above, see the website. Send the Computer Staff an email at or stop by room 515 between 9:00am and 4:00pm weekdays if you have any questions.