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This page is the sign-up to bring refreshments for the math department on Mondays and Fridays. Once you have signed up please see Diane Holcomb for money and instructions. In general questions may be directed to Diane Holcomb, Sarah Tumasz, or Silas Johnson. Please sign up below! (Note that if you sign up during cookie hour you will be added to this list.)

To edit this list simply log in at the top of the screen and then click edit on the top of this page.

Friday 1/27: Diane Holcomb

Monday 1/30: Silas Johnson

Friday 2/3: Peng Yu

Monday 2/6: Sarah Tumasz

Friday 2/10: Nathan Clement

Monday 2/13:

Friday 2/17:

Monday 2/20:Lalit Jain

Friday 2/24:

Monday 2/27:Elnur Emrah

Friday 3/2:

Monday 3/5: Sarah Bockting

Friday 3/9:

Monday 3/12:

Friday 3/16:

Monday 3/19:

Friday 3/22:

Monday 3/25:

Friday 3/30:

Monday 4/2:

Friday 4/6:

Monday 4/9:

Friday 4/13:

Monday 4/16:

Friday 4/20:

Monday 4/23:

Friday 4/27:

Monday 4/30:

Friday 5/4:

Monday 5/7:

Friday 5/11: