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You are in charge of keeping a record of your students' grades, and you must file a copy of these at the end of the semester. You can get paper grade sheets along with other office supplies from Sharon (2nd floor). You can also keep your grades on a spreadsheet. On the math department Linux machines look for Applications->Office->Gnumeric Spreadsheet.

Spreadsheets allow you to compute averages easily and to make a condensed version of your grades at the end of the semester.

Submitting Grades

At the end of the semester you will file your students' grades electronically. You can access the grading system via your MyUW account. You will receive copious e-mails on how to do this, as well as printed documentation. You can also ask other TA's how to do it.

Midterm grades

First year students receive midterm grades. You submit these electronically using the above system. While these are not their final grades, it gives the students an idea of how they are doing. If in doubt, ask your lecturer what data to use for midterm grades. Usually your students will have at least one test score and some quiz scores. This is usually what is used. Special instructions for midterm grade submission can be found here.

Final grades

You will have to submit all of your students grades at the end of the semester. Final grades are due no later than 96 hours after the final examination.

Warning: Do not turn in grades late!!! There are deadlines for when you can turn in grades. If you miss them you can jeopardize your students' financial aid status. Don't punish someone else for your laziness. Also, you will have to fill out an individual Grade Change form for each and every one of your students. If you do this once, you will make sure to never do it again...

Filing finals and gradebooks