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The Graduate Logic Seminar is an informal space where graduate students and professors present topics related to logic which are not necessarily original or completed work. This is a space focused principally on practicing presentation skills or learning materials that are not usually presented in a class.

  • When: Mondays 3:30-4:30 PM
  • Where: Van Vleck B139
  • Organizers: Karthik Ravishankar and Antonio Nakid Cordero

The talk schedule is arranged at the beginning of each semester. If you would like to participate, please contact one of the organizers.

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Fall 2022

September 12 - Organizational Meeting

We will meet to assign speakers to dates.

September 19 - Karthik Ravishankar

Title: Lowness for Isomorphism

Abstract: A Turing degree is said to be low for isomorphism if it can only compute an isomorphism between computable structures only when a computable isomorphism already exists. In this talk, we show that the measure of the class of low for isomorphism sets in Cantor space is 0 and that no Martin Lof random is low for isomorphism.

September 26 - Antonio Nakid Cordero

Title: When Models became Polish: an introduction to the Topological Vaught Conjecture

Abstract: Vaught's Conjecture, originally asked by Vaught in 1961, is one of the most (in)famous open problems in mathematical logic. The conjecture is that a complete theory on a countable language must either have countably-many or continuum-many non-isomorphic models. In this talk, we will discuss some of the main ideas that surround this conjecture, with special emphasis on a topological generalization in terms of the continuous actions of Polish groups.

October 3 - Yunting Zhang

October 10 - Yuxiao Fu

October 17 - Alice Vidrine

October 24 - Hongyu Zhu

October 31 - Break for Halloween

November 7 - John Spoerl

November 14 - Josiah Jacobsen-Grocott

November 21 - Karthik Ravishankar

November 28 - Logan Heath

December 5 - Logan Heath

December 12 - TBA

Previous Years

The schedule of talks from past semesters can be found here.