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*Command LInux Linux[]
*Command LInux Linux[]
*How to use the Linux Command Line []
*How to use the Linux Command Line []
*Math Department Linux Tutorial []

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This is a more general set of instructions for connecting to our servers.

There's a particular server, called "bing" which is also known as "login".

If you were connecting from inside the Van Vleck, you connect to this by opening a terminal window ...

  • how to open a Terminal Window (mac)
  • how to open a Terminal Window (linux)
  • how to open a terminal window (windows)

and connecting to the server.

(But what if I'm connecting from outside of Van Vleck?) How to connect to our servers from outside of Van Vleck

  • how to connect to the server (mac, linux)
  • how to connect to the server (windows)

Once you are connected, you'll be on our gateway server bing. Bing is intended as a jumping off point to the rest of the servers that you have at your disposal.

So, if you wanted to let say, do something in matlab, you could go to one of our magmaN servers.

Those servers don't just run magma, but are called magma servers because only certain servers/computers can run magma. They are special in that way. We also install and run programs like matlab, maple and macaulay2. We are happy to accomodate requests for other softwaer to install. Please just email

These connections are only command-line interface (CLI). Command-line linux is much like DOS, if you know DOS. Even if you are not familiar, there's a few good tutorials. A graphical user interface (GUI) is what some people might be more used to. There's much more you can do with a CLI as opposed to a GUI.

  • Command LInux Linux[1]
  • How to use the Linux Command Line [2]
  • Math Department Linux Tutorial [3]