Identifying and Removing Attachments over 25MB

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As you may be aware, attachments over 25MB are a problem for our pending Office 365 migration.

We want to make our transition (scheduled for late-September, early-October) as seamless as possible, so on July 1 we'll be scanning all email accounts for attachments of greater than 25 MB.

Once identified, these emails with large attachments will be moved to an email folder called bigmail.

You'll be notified once we've completed this scan and this move and asked to decide how to deal with this email. You can decide to delete the email or save the attachment elsewhere.

You cannot save the attachment and the email together in your email system, as it will not allow us to transfer your account to the new system. You can copy the text of the email to a text file if you really need to keep both, but you'll need to save both items separately outside of your email.

People who do not remove these large attachment items will have them automatically deleted as of September 1.

A better way to send large attachments