Lunch and Learn: Using Linux

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A series of informal gatherings around lunch time on various Linux topics.

If you cannot make it but would like to suggest a topic for future sessions you can send your suggestion to the email group(see below).

Feel free to drop by for all or part of the discussion. Bring a laptop if you wish to work alongside with the demonstrations. Remember to bring your lunch!

See you there!

Email list

If you would like to get announcements about future sessions please subscribe to the mailing list by sending an email from your address to

Next Session

October 12 2022, 2022, 11:30am-12:30pm: Introduction to the Linux Shell: Bash, part 2

Notes From Previous Sessions

September 28, 11:30am: Introduction to the Linux Shell: Bash

We ended the hour discussing the grep command. We will resume there next time and then start another topic.


September 14 2022, 12:30pm: Introduction and Q&A

The first in a series of help sessions on Linux,  this will be an informal question and answer session on general Linux use and on using our Linux research servers and workstations. We'll also discuss topics for future sessions.

Links to web pages shown

Suggestions for future topics

Based on the feedback received the next few topics will be:

  • Introduction to the Linux Shell: Bash
  • Introduction to Bash Shell Scripting
  • Introduction to SSH