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Math Department Computer Accounts

The Math Department computing facilities --except for the computer classroom room B107 which can be used by undergraduates-- are only for the faculty, staff and graduate students of the Math Department. This web site assumes that you are a faculty member or a graduate student of the Math Department.

You should have been given an authorized Math Department computer account, i.e. a username and password. With an authorized account you're free to use the Math Department's computing facilities described on this site's index page. If you didn't get a username and password, come see the Math Department's computer staff, in room 507 or 515.

Computer accounts of people no longer members of the Math Department in the above sense will be deleted after a short grace period. During that period, such users can save their user files elsewhere. Here are a few more details on this topic.

  • In exceptional circumstances, someone not a member of the Department may be given temporary access to the departmental computing facilities, for the purpose of facilitating joint work with a faculty member of the Department. The faculty member involved should email the Computer System Oversight Committee explaining the particular need, and will bear full responsibility for that account. Such requests will be reviewed yearly.
  • Normally, accounts of people who leave will be deleted on September 1 following the time of their departure. Former members who need extra time to relocate may request a temporary (1 or 2 month extension) of their accounts.
  • Students who earned their PhDs during the past academic year but have been unable to find a job, may request a one year extension of their accounts.
  • In cases of former Math Department members that don't fit the above guidelines, the Computer System Oversight Committee will decide when to remove an account.
  • The Math Department maintains several e-mail lists. Some of them (faculty, graduate, supportstaff) are used primarily to notify people about matters related to their jobs and, hence, users can neither subscribe to nor unsubscribe from these lists. The lists will be reviewed twice a year to make sure that the people on them are members of the Math Department. If someone wants to remain on a list, they request this from the Computer Oversight Committee.