Math Computer Policies

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Here are the Official Math Computer Policies

Account Policies

Computer Account Policy

The following Resolution was proposed and approved by the Mathematics Department on September 23, 1993 and revised on July, 1998 and August, 2005.

1. The computing facilities are for the use of members of the department, specifically, for Math Department faculty (including emeriti and visitors), staff, and current graduate students.

2. Accounts of people no longer members of the department (in the sense of 1.) will be removed after a suitable grace period to allow them time transfer their files to their new accounts. The timetable for removal is given by the following guidelines (3,4,5):

3. Normally, accounts of people who leave will be deleted on August 31 following the time of their departure. Former members who need extra time to relocate may request a temporary (1 or 2 month extension) of their accounts.

4. Students who earned their PhDs during the past academic year and Van Vleck Professors whose appointments have ended may request a 1 year extension of their accounts if they do not have any other academic connection.

5. In special circumstances, someone not a member of the department may be given temporary access to the departmental computing facilities, for the purpose of facilitating joint work with a faculty member of the department. A department member may also request a temporary web site for a math-related function such as a conference. These web sites should have a clear end date. The department member involved should contact the Computer System Oversight Committee explaining the particular need, and will bear full responsibility for that account. Such accounts and web sites will be reviewed periodically and terminated with warning when they are no longer active.

6. In individual cases where the application of 3,4,5 is unclear, the Computer System Oversight Committee will decide when to remove an account.

Web Services and Scripting Policies

Policy on Web Servers, Web Services and CGI scripts

In order to ensure the security and integrity of the Van Vleck computer network, all web servers in Van Vleck will be managed by the Math Department's computer staff. They will set up and maintain them to make sure that they meet University security and privacy standards.

These web servers and the services they offer must serve legitimate Math Department functions (for example, instruction, research support and outreach) and must comply with University policies for appropriate use and FERPA policies for privacy.

Web services which require server side includes and CGI-scripts will also require approval by the computer staff. Faculty, staff and graduate students may use standard CGI scripts available for them such as FormMail. FormMail is on a secure server and hence information on it is encrypted. However, users should avoid using forms to collect sensitive information such as social security numbers.

If the web application requires specialized scripts please confer with the computer staff first.