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| bgcolor="#BCD2EE" width="300" align="center"|'''Title''' (click for abstract)
| bgcolor="#BCD2EE" width="300" align="center"|'''Title''' (click for abstract)
| bgcolor="#E0E0E0" align="center" | Jan 24
| bgcolor="#E0E0E0" align="center" | Sep 5
| bgcolor="#F0B0B0" align="center" | Hassan-Mao-Smith--Zhu
| bgcolor="#F0B0B0" align="center" | Euclid
| bgcolor="#BCE2FE"| [https://www.math.wisc.edu/wiki/index.php/NTS_ABSTRACTSpring2019#Jan_24 The diophantine exponent of the $\mathbb{Z}/q\mathbb{Z}$ points of  $S^{d-2}\subset S^d$]
| bgcolor="#BCE2FE"| [https://www.math.wisc.edu/wiki/index.php/NTS_ABSTRACTSpring2019#Jan_24 There are infinitely many primes]
| bgcolor="#E0E0E0" align="center" | Jan  31
| bgcolor="#E0E0E0" align="center" | Jan  31

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Number Theory / Representation Theory Seminar, University of Wisconsin - Madison

  • When: Thursdays, 2:30 PM – 3:30 PM
  • Where: Van Vleck B113
  • Please join the NT/RT mailing list: (you must be on a math department computer to use this link).

There is also an accompanying graduate-level seminar, which meets on Tuesdays.

You can find our Spring 2019 speakers in Spring 2019.
You can find our previous speakers in Fall 2018.

Fall 2019 Semester

Date Speaker (click for homepage) Title (click for abstract)
Sep 5 Euclid There are infinitely many primes
Jan 31 Kyle Pratt (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign) Breaking the $\frac{1}{2}$-barrier for the twisted second moment of Dirichlet $L$-functions
Feb 7 Shamgar Gurevich (UW-Madison) Harmonic Analysis on $GL_n$ over finite fields
Feb 14 Tonghai Yang (UW-Madison) The Lambda invariant and its CM values
Feb 21 No Seminar
Feb 28 Brian Lawrence (the University of Chicago) Diophantine problems and a p-adic period map.
March 7 Masoud Zargar (Regensburg) Sections of quadrics over the affine line
March 14 Elena Mantovan (Caltech) p-adic automorphic forms, differential operators and Galois representations
March 21 Spring Break
March 28 Adebisi Agboola (UCSB) Relative K-groups and rings of integers
April 4 Wei-Lun Tsai (Texas A&M University) Hecke L-functions and $\ell$ torsion in class groups
April 11 Taylor McAdam (UCSD) Almost-prime times in horospherical flows
April 18 Ila Varma (UCSD) Malle's Conjecture for octic $D_4$-fields.
April 25

10:00-11:00 Room VV 911

Michael Bush (Washington & Lee) Interactions between group theory and number theory
April 25

11:15-12:15 Room VV 911

Rafe Jones (Carleton College) Eventually stable polynomials and arboreal Galois representations
April 25 Jen Berg (Rice University) Rational points on conic bundles over elliptic curves with positive rank
April 25

4:00-5:00 Room VV B239

Judy Walker (Nebraska) Derangements of Finite Groups
May 2 Melanie Wood (UW-Madison) Unramified extensions of random global fields
May 9 David Zureick-Brown (Emory College of Arts and Sciences) Arithmetic of stacks

*to be confirmed

Organizer contact information

Naser Talebizadeh Sardari

Mark Shusterman

Ruixiang Zhang

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