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Anton Gershaschenko

Title: Moduli of Representations of Unipotent Groups

Abstract: Representations of reductive groups are discretely parameterized, but unipotent groups can have non-trivial families of representations, so it makes sense try to construct and understand a moduli stack (or space) of representations of a given unipotent group. If you restrict to certain kinds of representations, it is possible to actually get your hands on the moduli stack and to construct a moduli space. I'll summarize the few things I know about the general case and then give you a tour of some interesting features that appear in small examples.

Keerthi Madapusi

Title: A rationality property of Hodge cycles on abelian varieties, with an application to arithmetic compactifications of Shimura varieties

Abstract: TBA

Bei Zhang

Title: p-adic L-function of automorphic form of GL(2)

Abstract: Modular symbol is used to construct p-adic L-functions associated to a modular form. In this talk, I will explain how to generalize this powerful tool to the construction of p-adic L-functions attached to an automorphic representation on GL_{2}(A) where A is the ring of adeles over a number field. This is a joint work with Matthew Emerton.

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