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This page contains the titles and abstracts for talks scheduled in the Fall 2019 semester. To go back to the main GNTS page, click here.

Sept 10

Brandon Boggess
Law and Orders in Quadratic Imaginary Fields

To prepare for Thursday's talk, I will give a gentle introduction to the basic theory of complex multiplication for elliptic curves, beginning with a quick review of elliptic curves over the complex numbers.

Sept 17

Solly Parenti
The Siegel-Weil Formula

Theta functions, Eisenstein series, and Adeles, Oh my!

Sept 24

Dionel Jamie
On The Discrete Fuglede Conjecture

It's well known that the set of functions from a finite abelian group to the complex numbers forms an inner product space and that any such function can be written as a unique linear combination of characters which are orthogonal with respect to this inner product. We will look specifically at copies of the integers modulo a fixed prime and I will talk about under what conditions can we take a subset of this group, E, and express a function from E to the complex numbers as a linear combination of characters which are orthogonal with respect to the inner product induced on E.

Oct 1

Qiao He
Modularity Theorem

In this talk, I will describe the modularity theorem of elliptic curve. I will state the main theorem first, and then give some consequences of the theorem. If time permitted, I will try to sketch how to construct Galois representation from modular form and describe Langlands-Tunnell theorem, which will be related with Thursday's talk.