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Sep 03

Kiran Kedlaya
On the algebraicity of (generalized) power series

A remarkable theorem of Christol from 1979 gives a criterion for detecting whether a power series over a finite field of characteristic p represents an algebraic function: this happens if and only if the coefficient of the n-th power of the series variable can be extracted from the base-p expansion of n using a finite automaton. We will describe a result that extends this result in two directions: we allow an arbitrary field of characteristic p, and we allow "generalized power series" in the sense of Hahn-Mal'cev-Neumann. In particular, this gives a concrete description of an algebraic closure of a rational function field in characteristic p (and corrects a mistake in my previous attempt to give this description some 15 years ago).

Sep 10

Sean Rostami
Fixers of Stable Functionals

The epipelagic representations of Reeder-Yu, a generalization of the "simple supercuspidals" of Gross-Reeder, are certain low-depth supercuspidal representations of reductive algebraic groups G. Given a "stable functional" f, which is a suitably 'generic' linear functional on a vector space coming from a Moy-Prasad filtration for G, one can create such a representation. It is known that the representations created in this way are compactly induced from the fixer in G of f and it is important to identify explicitly all the elements that belong to this fixer. This work is in-progress.

Dec 17

Nathan Kaplan
Coming soon...

Coming soon...