NTS Fall Semester 2022

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Number Theory / Representation Theory Seminar, University of Wisconsin - Madison

  • When: Thursdays, 2:30 PM – 3:30 PM
  • Where: Van Vleck B139 for local speakers and over zoom for non-local speakers
  • Please join the NT/RT mailing list: (you must be on a math department computer to use this link).

Zoom ID: 93014934562 Password: The order of A9 (the alternating group of 9 elements)

There is also an accompanying graduate-level seminar, which meets on Tuesdays.

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Fall 2022 Semester

Date Speaker (click for homepage) Title (click for abstract)
Sep 8 Ziquan Yang The Tate conjecture for h^{2, 0} = 1 varieties over finite fields
Sep 15 Congling Qiu Modularity of arithmetic special divisors for unitary Shimura varieties
Sep 22 Yousheng Shi
Sep 29 Miao (Pam) Gu
Oct 6 (merged with weekend workshop)
Oct 13 Raju Krishnamoorthy
Oct 20 Tian Wang
Oct 27 Kazuhiro Ito
Nov 3 Zhiyu Zhang
Nov 10 Qiao He
Nov 17 Tristan Phillips
Nov 24 (Thanksgiving) No Seminar
Dec 1
Dec 8

*to be confirmed