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January 23

Majid Hadian-Jazi (UIC)
Title: On a motivic method in Diophantine geometry

Abstract: By studying the variation of motivic path torsors associated to a variety, we show how certain nondensity assertions in Diophantine geometry can be translated to problems concerning K-groups. Then we use some vanishing theorems to obtain concrete results.

January 30

Alexander Fish (University of Sydney, Australia)
Title: Ergodic Plunnecke inequalities with applications to sumsets of infinite sets in countable abelian groups

Abstract: By use of recent ideas of Petridis, we extend Plunnecke inequalities for sumsets of finite sets in abelian groups to the setting of measure-preserving systems. The main difference in the new setting is that instead of a finite set of translates we have an analogous inequality for a countable set of translates. As an application, by use of Furstenberg correspondence principle, we obtain new Plunnecke type inequalities for lower and upper Banach density in countable abelian groups. Joint work with Michael Bjorklund, Chalmers.

February 27

Jennifer Park (MIT)
Title: what?

Abstract: ...

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