NTS Spring Semester 2020

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Number Theory / Representation Theory Seminar, University of Wisconsin - Madison

  • When: Thursdays, 2:30 PM – 3:30 PM
  • Where: Van Vleck B321
  • Please join the NT/RT mailing list: (you must be on a math department computer to use this link).

There is also an accompanying graduate-level seminar, which meets on Tuesdays.

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Spring 2020 Semester

Date Speaker (click for homepage) Title (click for abstract)
Jan 23 Rahul Krishna A relative trace formula comparison for the global Gross-Prasad conjecture for orthogonal groups
Jan 30 Eric Stubley Class Groups, Congruences, and Cup Products
Feb 6 Brian Smithling On Shimura varieties for unitary groups
Feb 13
Feb 20 Shai Evra Ramanujan Conjectures and Density Theorems
Feb 27 Mathilde Gerbelli-Gauthier Cohomology of Arithmetic Groups and Endoscopy
March 5 Jessica Fintzen From representations of p-adic groups to congruences of automorphic forms
March 12 Andrea Dotto (CANCELED) Functoriality of Serre weights
March 19 Spring Break
March 26 Daniel Litt (ONLINE) The section conjecture at the boundary of moduli space
April 2 Rachel Pries (Note different time: 2 pm) Galois action on the etale fundamental group of the Fermat curve
April 9 Rahul Dalal Statistics of Automorphic Representations through the Stable Trace Formula
April 16 Aaron Pollack CANCELLED
April 23 Jayce Getz On triple product L-functions
April 30 Noah Taylor The Sato Tate Conjecture on Abelian Surfaces
May 7 Aaron Landesman The geometric distribution of Selmer groups of Elliptic curves over function fields

*to be confirmed