NTS Spring Semester 2021

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Number Theory / Representation Theory Seminar, University of Wisconsin - Madison

  • When: Thursdays, 2:30 PM – 3:30 PM
  • Where: Van Vleck B321
  • Please join the NT/RT mailing list: (you must be on a math department computer to use this link).

There is also an accompanying graduate-level seminar, which meets on Tuesdays.

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Spring 2021 Semester

Date Speaker (click for homepage) Title (click for abstract)
Jan 28 Monica Nevins Interpreting the local character expansion of p-adic SL(2)
Feb 4 Ke Chen
Feb 11 Dmitry Gourevitch
Feb 18 Eyal Kaplan
Feb 25 Roger Van Peski
March 4 Amos Nevo
March 11 Carlo Pagano
March 18 Siddhi Pathak
March 25 Emmanuel Kowalski Remembrances of polynomial values: Fourier's way
April 1
April 8
April 15
April 22 Brian Lawrence
April 29 Maria Fox
May 6

*to be confirmed