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= Mathematics Colloquium =
= Tentative Schedule for 2013-2014 =
= Tentative Schedule for 2013-2014 =

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Tentative Schedule for 2013-2014

All colloquia are on Fridays at 4:00 pm.

Spring 2013

date speaker title host(s)
Tues, Jan 15, B139 Lillian Pierce (Oxford) A new twist on the Carleson operator Denissov
Thurs, Jan 17, 2pm, 901VV Jonah Blasiak (Michigan) Positivity, complexity, and the Kronecker problem Terwilliger
Jan 25 Alexander Fish (Sydney) Product sets in amenable groups through a dynamical approach Gurevich
Feb 1 Tullia Dymarz (Madison) Quasisymmetric vs Bi-Lipschitz maps Street
Feb 8 Jean-Luc Thiffeault (Madison) pseudo-Anosovs with small or large dilatation Roch
Feb 15 Eric Lauga (UCSD) Optimization in fluid-based locomotion Spagnolie
Feb 22 Svitlana Mayboroda (University of Minnesota) Elliptic PDEs, analysis, and potential theory in irregular media Stovall
Mar 1 Kirsten Wickelgren (Harvard) Grothendieck's anabelian conjectures Street
March 8 Dan Negrut (UW - Mechanical Engineering) Using Advanced Computing in Applied Dynamics: From the Dynamics of Granular Material to the Motion of the Mars Rover Caldararu
March 15 Kurusch Ebrahimi Fard (Madrid) Spitzer-type identities in non-commutative Rota-Baxter algebras Gurvich
March 22 Neil O'Connell (Warwick) CANCELLED Timo Seppalainen
March 29 Spring Break No Colloquium
April 5 John Jones (ASU) Number fields with prescribed ramification Boston
April 12 Andrew Snowden (MIT) TBA Street
April 19 Moe Hirsch (Madison) Street
April 26 Temporarily Reserved Street
Tuesday, April 30, 4PM Laure Saint-Raymond (ENS) Wasow Lecture
May 3 Davesh Maulik (Columbia) TBA Street
May 10 Steve Gelbart (Weizmann Institute) TBA Gurevich

Fall 2012

date speaker title host(s)
Sept 14 Jordan Ellenberg (Madison) FI-modules: an introduction local
Sept 20, 4pm Persi Diaconis (Stanford) CANCELLED Jean-Luc
Sept 21 Joyce McLaughlin (RPI) Mathematics for Imaging Biomechanical Parameters in Dynamic Elastography WIMAW
Sept 28 Eric Marberg (MIT) Supercharacters for algebra groups: applications and extensions Isaacs
Oct 5 Howard Masur (Chicago) Winning games for badly approximable real numbers and billiards in polygons Dymarz
Wed, Oct 10, 4pm Bas Lemmens (Univ. of Kent) From hyperbolic geometry to nonlinear Perron-Frobenius theory LAA lecture
Thur, Oct 11, 4pm Irene Gamba (UT-Austin) Analytical and numerical issues associated with the dynamics of the non-linear Boltzmann equation WIMAW
Oct 12 Joachim Rosenthal (Univ. of Zurich) Linear Random Network Codes, a Grassmannian Approach Boston
Oct 19 Saverio E Spagnolie (Madison) Elastic slender bodies in fluids and slender bodies in elastic fluids Roch
Oct 26 Luke Oeding (UC Berkeley) The Trifocal Variety Gurevich
Tues, Oct 30 Andrew Majda (Courant) Data Driven Methods for Complex Turbulent Systems Smith, Stechmann
Thurs, Nov 1 Lenya Ryzhik (Chicago) The role of a drift in elliptic and parabolic equations Kiselev
Nov 2 Vladimir Sverak (Minnesota) On scale-invariant solutions of the Navier-Stokes equations Kiselev
Nov 9 Uri Andrews (Madison) Computable Stability Theory Lempp
Mon, Nov 12 Charles Smart (MIT) Regularity and stochastic homogenization of fully nonlinear equations without uniform ellipticity Feldman
Mon, Nov 26 Daniel Erman (U.Michigan) TBA Boston
Wed, Nov 28 Cameron Hill (Notre Dame) Genericity in Discrete Mathematics Lempp
Nov 30 Nam Le (Columbia) Boundary regularity for solutions to the linearized Monge-Ampere equations and applications Feldman
Dec 14 Amanda Folsom (Yale) q-series and quantum modular forms Ellenberg/WIMAW