Past Probability Seminars Spring 2020

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Fall 2015

Thursdays in 901 Van Vleck Hall at 2:25 PM, unless otherwise noted.

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Thursday, September 17, Nicholas A. Cook, UCLA, 2:25pm Van Vleck B325

Please note the unusual location, Van Vleck Hall B325

Title: Random regular digraphs: singularity and spectrum

We consider two random matrix ensembles associated to large random regular digraphs: (1) the 0/1 adjacency matrix, and (2) the adjacency matrix with iid bounded edge weights. Motivated by universality conjectures, we show that the spectral distribution for the latter ensemble is asymptotically described by the circular law, assuming the graph has degree linear in the number of vertices. Towards establishing the same result for the adjacency matrix without iid weights, we prove that it is invertible with high probability. Along the way we make use of Stein's method of exchangeable pairs to establish some graph discrepancy properties.

Thursday, September 24, No seminar

Thursday, October 1 Sebastien Roch, UW-Madison

Thursday, October 8, No Seminar due to the Midwest Probability Colloquium

Midwest Probability Colloquium

Thursday, October 15, Louis Fan, UW-Madison

Thursday, October 22, Tom Kurtz, UW-Madison

Thursday, October 29, Ecaterina Sava-Huss, Cornell


Thursday, November 5, TBA

Thursday, November 12, Janna Lierl, UIUC

Thursday, November 19, David Herzog Iowa State

Thursday, November 26, No Seminar, Thanksgiving Break

Thursday, December 3, TBA

Thursday, December 10, Elizabeth Meckes, Case Western Reserve University

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