Past Probability Seminars Spring 2020

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Fall 2016

Thursdays in 901 Van Vleck Hall at 2:25 PM, unless otherwise noted.

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Thursday, September 8, Daniele Cappelletti, UW-Madison

Title: Reaction networks: comparison between deterministic and stochastic models

Friday, September 16, 11 am Elena Kosygina, Baruch College and the CUNY Graduate Center

Please note the unusual day and time

The talk will be in Van Vleck 910 as usual.

Title: Homogenization of viscous Hamilton-Jacobi equations: a remark and an application.

Abstract: It has been pointed out in the seminal work of P.-L. Lions, G. Papanicolaou, and S.R.S. Varadhan that for the first order Hamilton-Jacobi (HJ) equation, homogenization starting with affine initial data should imply homogenization for general uniformly continuous initial data. The argument utilized the properties of the HJ semi-group, in particular, the finite speed of propagation. The last property is lost for viscous HJ equations. We remark that the above mentioned implication holds under natural conditions for both viscous and non-viscous Hamilton-Jacobi equations. As an application of our result, we show homogenization in a stationary ergodic setting for a special class of viscous HJ equations with a non-convex Hamiltonian in one space dimension. This is a joint work with Andrea Davini, Sapienza Università di Roma.

Thursday, September 22, TBA, TBA

Title: TBA

Thursday, September 29, Joseph Najnudel, University of Cincinnati

Title: TBA

Thursday, October 6, TBA, TBA

Title: TBA

Thursday, October 13, No Seminar due to Midwest Probability Colloquium

For details, see Midwest Probability Colloquium.

Thursday, October 20, Amol Aggarwal, Harvard

Title: TBA

Thursday, October 27, TBA, TBA

Title: TBA

Thursday, November 3, TBA, TBA

Title: TBA

Thursday, November 10, TBA, TBA

Title: TBA

Thursday, November 17, TBA, TBA

Title: TBA

Thursday, November 24, No Seminar due to Thanksgiving

Thursday, December 1, TBA, TBA

Title: TBA

Thursday, December 8, TBA, TBA

Title: TBA

Thursday, December 15, TBA, TBA

Title: TBA

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