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Room 205 contains a self service copy machine reserved for the department's administrative staff. Math Department people will be given access codes to use the copy machines located on floors 3-8 of Van Vleck. Please contact Hieu Nguyen for help in operating any of these machines or to report any breakdown. The copiers have enlarging, scanning and PDF creation capabilities. Keep in mind the copyright laws when duplicating books, journals, etc. The copiers are intended for business copying only. TAs, LTE and Grad Students will be charged for any copies over 200. Personal copying can be done in the Math Library (B224).

Larger numbers of copies to be charged to the department or to a grant should go through the Copy Center in Room 215. Larger numbers of personal copies should be made outside the department.

The Copy Center services are available for teaching and research related copying only. Syllabi, problem assignments / solutions, and small quantities of course-related materials may be duplicated by the Copy Center. For larger quantities of course-related materials, consult the course supervisor or the faculty committee about charges. Work-order forms are available in and directly outside the Copy Center. They must be filled out before work can be copied. Incomplete forms will be returned to your mailbox and copying will not be done. Research related copying should be charged to a grant. The Receptionist will direct bill your grant each month. Copies can be picked up in the Copy Center or can be returned to your mailbox.

Every effort will be made to minimize turn-around time, but to a large extent it will be under your collective control. Allow 24 hours lead time for normal size jobs; no less than 3 days for exams; and at least a week for copying large quantities. The workload will rise during six-week, twelve-week, and final exam periods. Work of equal priority and urgency will be done on a first-come, first-served basis. Please try to avoid urgency by using foresight and do not overstate the urgency of work.

There are two kinds of transparencies available.

  1. the write-on kind in Room 215 and
  2. the kind you run on the copy machine available in Room 205.

They are not interchangeable. The write-on kind could melt in the copy machine and disable its use for several days.