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[ Dae Han Kang]
[ Dae Han Kang]
[ Brandon Legried]

Yun Li
Yun Li

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Probability at UW-Madison

Tenured and tenure-track faculty

David Anderson (Duke, 2005) applied probability, numerical methods, mathematical biology.

Vadim Gorin (Moscow, 2011) integrable probability, random matrices, asymptotic representation theory

Sebastien Roch (UC Berkeley, 2007) applied discrete probability, mathematical and computational biology, networks.

Timo Seppäläinen (Minnesota, 1991) motion in a random medium, random growth models, interacting particle systems, large deviation theory.

Tatyana Shcherbyna (Kharkiv, 2012) mathematical physics, random matrices

Hao Shen (Princeton, 2013) stochastic partial differential equations, mathematical physics, integrable probability

Benedek Valko (Budapest, 2004) interacting particle systems, random matrices.


David Griffeath (Cornell, 1976)

Jim Kuelbs (Minnesota, 1965)

Tom Kurtz (Stanford, 1967)

Peter Ney (Columbia, 1961)


Erik Bates (Stanford, 2019)

Scott Smith (Maryland, 2016)

Graduate students

Dae Han Kang

Yun Li

Tung Nguyen

Probability Seminar

Thursdays at 2:30pm, VV901

General email list

Email list for lunch/dinner with a speaker

Graduate student reading seminar

Email list

Tuesdays, 2:30pm, 901 Van Vleck

Probability group timetable

Undergraduate courses in probability

Graduate Courses in Probability

2020 Fall

Math/Stat 733 Theory of Probability I

Math/Stat 735 Stochastic Analysis

Math 833 Topics in Probability: Modern Discrete Probability

2021 Spring

Math/Stat 734 Theory of Probability II

Math 833 Topics in Probability: Integrable probability